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Ignite & Empower Podcast with Jessica Stadler

Sep 27, 2018

What does the word "manifest" really mean?

Find out the way your brain works when you manifest and visualize your goals.

We are digging deep on how strong your mindset and thoughts can be, and knowing that when you control your mind, it can be a game changer for seeing your goals come to life. 

Learn how you can change...

Sep 25, 2018


Melissa is super passionate about inspiring people to take the body there were blessed with and build it into the body of their dreams. Growing up with body images issues holding her back, she got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired so she decided to make a change to her lifestyle. After years of trial and error,...

Sep 20, 2018

Are you extremely hard on yourself? Can't get past certain obstacles in your life? What does is mean to fail forward? Failing is the best thing that can happen to you and in this episode we dive into messy action and continuous improvement.


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Get your Meal Guide: Find it...

Sep 18, 2018

Long-time friend and EMT, Michael Buxton talks about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, creating healthy habits and how to physically and mentally reach your fitness goals.

Michael and I talk about living a stressful lifestyle, breaking through mental barriers to reach goals and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a...

Sep 13, 2018

Wondering how people are so motivated to workout every day? Or you feel bursts of motivation but hardly ever follow through? In this episode you will learn all about getting motivated and staying motivated. 


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